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Ortodontic Treatment During Pregnancy

Can Orthodontic Treatment Applied During Pregnancy?

Orthodontic treatment can be applied during pregnancy period with some precautions.In the first trimester adaptation of the patient to the orthodontic treatment is not so easy because of nausea but during the second trimester or the third trimester adaptation becomes easier.

Pregnant women are advised against doing many things during their pregnancy, from taking certain types of medication, to eating some foods. However, there is no real reason why pregnant women should not have orthodontic treatment. For pregnant women orthodontic treatment is typically considered to be a safe, but with some precaution. Some local and systemic conditions limit the treatment modalities. There are some considerations for pregnant women to take into account. Sensitivity is often heightened during pregnancy and this may mean that braces seem a little more uncomfortable than usual; it is also worth bearing in mind that most painkillers are off-limits during pregnancy and hence patient will have to battle through any pain without taking medication. Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can increase the risk of swollen, sore gums and braces may irritate the gums. Hormonal changes and drugs can affect the orthodontic tooth movement. The gums of the patient can get bigger during the orthodontic treatment so some oral hygiene precautions such as brushing, flossing and the use of mouth washes should be considered.

If patient have braces are pregnant and have concerns about their braces, it is important for patients to see their orthodontist on a regular basis during pregnancy.

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